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Hello World

Hello World:  a phrase all too common when it comes to anything software related, and not at all related to the rest of this post. A hello world program is the simplest conceivable program in any programming or scripting language, the simplest introduction to any kind of code, and arguably the simplest introductory blog post title.  I'm a software engineer, so I could keep going in this direction, but I won't.  This is an introductory blog post; I could do some kind of introduction, but that's what an "About" or "Author Info" or equivalently named section is for.  I'll get around to that eventually TM . First Massdrop order is almost like Christmas, except I had to pick it up This first post will be about a different first.  Today, I'll be writing a bit about my experience with a service I've previously heard about, but have not used until recently: Massdrop.  The first thing I ordered was delivered today. Some time ago, I decided th